October 31, 2011

Tory Burch.

 My experience there was very disturbing. So today i was shopping in the Galleria here & decided to go get some Tory Burch flats. The employees didnt even wanna help me. I was the only black person in there. 
I asked her for a size 9, she was like okay. So im looking around more and the bitch still didnt go look. I said ARE YOU EVEN GONNA GET THEM? She say oh yeah.

I swear she went back there for 5 seconds and said we dont have any 9s. 
the average salesperson would try and bring a bigger or smaller size.


Honestly, i am going to write a complaint on the lady who was there.
I wont go back to that store either. Rather shop the product somewhere else.

amos BOOT$350.00




  1. Had that same problem in Louis Vuitton in NY. Looked at me like a peasant until she saw the Damier belt... Turns you off from spending money with the company, all because of terrible customer service. I think they forget who creates their paycheck.