June 30, 2010

pick-ups & a minor photoshoot.

^ lol my eyes, i sneezed.

June 23, 2010


I went and got my oil changed. Then went to school and took the lil test. it was soooooooooooooo hard. like i bombed it. so i had to make myself feel better so i went to the mall. copped some shirts from forever 21 and american eagle. a new belt

what i wore; tee from forever 21, express jeans, bakers sandals. aldo bag.

fathers day.

Father's Day with my fam. We went to a place called J. Alexander. really good and nice. he liked my gift, then said take it back and gave me more money to go shop lol

june 19th.

i got off around 3. Me & reg where supposed to go straight to the movies to see Toy Story 3 & Karate Kid. Didn't work out that way... we woke up late in the morning so we were behind schedule. So we took like a hour nap. Before we went, we stopped by the cemetery to see my paw paw & my uncle.

my lips.

june 16th.

I went and bought my dads Father's Day gifts. I really couldnt shop how i wanted to because of my money situation. So my sister and lil bro came over and we went to Willowbrook Mall. I bought him some sandals from Aldo. He loves sandals and he needs some for wherever we go this summer on vacation. And Express was having a sale so i bought a tee. He can where it on the 4th of July.

Then we were starving so we went and ate chinese! YUM. I had a nice time with my siblings. We really never spend time with each other. Me and my lil sister both work. And my bro always training in the summer.


all size 7y.

part 2.


The day started off bad. I spent the night at my mom's house and someone stole $out my purse. Idk who or how it happened. I know i didn't replace it. That money was for my car that i owed my dad. 
sleep.gif Still don't what happened. I just took a lose. My mom was really pissed because this has happened before. So whoever it is, my mom is gonna kick them out because she didn't raise no thieves. 

Then i asked Reggie because he went in my purse and took my car keys without asking me. and he got mad and took all his stuff and was about to leave. So i got pissed off. So i took him home and we were arguing the entire time. We kinda made up but i was still kinda mad.

i met up with lauren and we went to Ruby Tequila's.... for food and drinks. today was her 21st birthday. I had pineapple and she had strawberry.

We were kinda wasted lol. i paid. a quick $50. Then we went to the mall. i bought some ripped jeans from American Eagle. $32! and a top from Arden B. $5! what a steal lol

june 14th.

Today was pretty eventful i guess. I slept horrible last night and ended up missing church this morning. So i got up and went to the nail shop. All i got was a polish change on my nails and toes. A quick $20.

Then i started feeling really bad. Pains just like a normal period. (cramps). then they got worse. I started bleeding clots. So i told Reg take me to the ER. We were there for almost 4 hours. I had to get blood drawn, tests, & ultrasounds. 

June 2, 2010

chiilin mayne.

with my bae all day as usual unless im at work. we went to dennys later and ate good lol

his tat he got earlier this year. it's our initials & the date we started dating.