March 28, 2010

beautiful sunday.

Well, today i was supposed to go to work but they said it was REALLY slow so i didnt go. Got dolled up for nothing lol... pictures!

me & my nephew lol he's getting so big :)
cell camera shot

March 27, 2010

other links.

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is the name of  Joe Thomas' latest album. & i looooooveee it. He's my fave male artist. I went to see him AGAIN. I seen him last July 09. Angie Stone was there too but i dont care for her. I had to wear this shirt again because i love it! I almost got into it with some hoes at the concert because i stood the whole time Joe was performing. Who sits at concerts anyways? I was gon slid this bitch and her nigga. lol straight steal off on them both. me and my mama.
told you Kya ;) same clutch
in da car, snappin away.

March 25, 2010

the famous signature.


sometimes she call me trey...

sometimes she say tremaine!


Pretty bored in class right. I never pay attention. Just decided to check my blog & i've noticed i rarely get feedback on any of my post. WHICH SUCKS! I mean what's going on. I have 100 followers & the most i've seen is maybe 4 feedbacks. Unless you people are not coming to my blog anymore. Like wtf? BLEHHH!

March 22, 2010

Main Event.

march 18th.
me & bae went to main event. it was cool. we didnt really stay there that long cause it got boring. the ride we got on just like BROKE all of a sudden. wtf. i was mad! after we went and ate at ihop, ehhh. their food is nasty.
but i enjoyed just spending time with him.

the aquarium.

march 16th.
me & the hubby went to the downtown aquarium. 
just to see the wild. didnt eat there. its not good food at all. we had a nice time even though the weather was really nasty outside.

my new kicks by the way. they are Nike 6.0.

March 10, 2010

Damn you too, GAGA!

I guess Kelis is just THAT BITCH!

March 7, 2010

the office.

After the rodeo, me, Lauren, & my lil sis Elexis went to a birthday celebration for DKendra. It was nice. The club wasnt too hype though. We had a nice time though. We ended up getting free drinks & everything from just some random groups of people & VIP! Some reason this always happens when i go out.
the birthday girl!

just fine, fine, fine.

Me & the bestie went to see Mary J. Blige at the Houston Rodeo. FOR THE FREE LOL it was cool, her ass wasnt out there but 45 mins though. Im like wtf mary. Her performance was really good though.

March 2, 2010

Its my world, I make it spin.

As you can see, i got tired of my short hair cut. I put 16 inches of weave in my head.
For some reason, i love the long look.