March 27, 2010


is the name of  Joe Thomas' latest album. & i looooooveee it. He's my fave male artist. I went to see him AGAIN. I seen him last July 09. Angie Stone was there too but i dont care for her. I had to wear this shirt again because i love it! I almost got into it with some hoes at the concert because i stood the whole time Joe was performing. Who sits at concerts anyways? I was gon slid this bitch and her nigga. lol straight steal off on them both. me and my mama.
told you Kya ;) same clutch
in da car, snappin away.


  1. lmao @ str8 steal on them! My mom would have loved to go to that concert

  2. cute tat, from what i can see.

  3. Narvel said you should have turned around and sung to them hoes!!!! LOL!!