February 25, 2010

As fast as money comes, that shit goes too quick.

Over the past couple of days, i've just picking up shit here and there. Nothing just too big. I cleaned out my jewelry and i hardly have shit left but that shit goes out of style for me very fast.

levis :) $40
from Journeys $40
XXI $9
Hollister $15
Jessica Simpson $30, sale at  Macys whooooooo! lol
New York & Company $80, 2 shirts & 3 pairs of slacks.
studded blazer $20
Aldo bag, $50

February 18, 2010

why nobody told me

that these are comin back out?
i see ya'll trying to hide shit.
May 2010.

February 15, 2010

caught up in the rapture.

my headings sorta never really match what im gonna talk about. but this what at a birthday dinner for a old high school friend. it was a mess, not that dinner but just to get in the resturant. First she didnt even make reservations for 15 and it was Valentines weekend. Hello! so i had to get everything together. you welcome bethanie :)
and of course, ITS A PHOTOSHOOT!

a rose is still a rose.

the funeral was really nice. seein him in the casket really broke my heart. i was gonna pass out but i kept calm.
my dad did a great job also.
i took the rose from one of the bouquets (sp)

she`z phony, she's fake.

So some girl stole my pics...

and made herself a facebook " Paris Pree Powell"
i deactivated my facebook friday and she made hers that same day.
Like come on....
my best friend told me like an hour ago.

Saying im from Columbia, SC, im in HOUSTON TX.


February 12, 2010

no title.

i've been to 3 different malls & i didnt get anything for me :(
i bought Reggie these. when they first released i might em last year but they got more so i went ahead and bought them. his bday is in a few weeks anyways.  it really sucks that we wont be together again for Valentines. But it was just an unfortunate case. My paw paw's funeral is tmrw morning. -sighs-
i dressed very laid back today. no makeup either.

February 11, 2010

And if you just hating just walk on by ...

me and lauren have been just shopping too much lol
i've been to the mall everyday this week.
that's a new outfit i have on right here.
we went all the to memorial city mall and didnt find anything. We were pissed. I hate when that happens. All i wanted was this one shirt from forever21 and they didnt have it. bummer...

February 8, 2010

late at night when all the world is sleeping, i'd stay up & think of you.

My grandfather passed last night after being on this earth for 59 years. I quit one of my jobs about 2 weeks ago to stay watch after him everyday after school. Friday i got my hair cut, i went & saw him. Didn't think that would be my last time seeing him. I worked all day Saturday and Sunday. Got the call from my cousin, Tim, around 11:01pm. "paw paw died" :( i rushed to the hospital to see him. -sighs- i can't believe this. He was a great man, seemed like he knew everything. Truly missed.

 Here's a video of my paw paw dancing at the Kemah Boardwalk.

Original Video - More videos at TinyPic


February 5, 2010

slicker than a Jerry curl.

Well, i cut it. Not that much but its shorter & i love it.

under that HOT ASS dryer lmaoo

February 3, 2010


so on fBook, they are having celebrity look a like week. i decided to choose Lisa Lopes.
and i also changed my heading banner in dedication to her.

February 1, 2010


i seen this on tumblr. i would eat the shit outta this lol