April 29, 2010

the words speak for themselves.

April 27, 2010

fucking five guys

burgers are the best yet that i have ate in a while. me & the bestie went today. yum!

saturday april 24th.

Got off work early and went to eat crawfish with my in-laws. snap shots on my camera.

April 22, 2010

Bone Straight.

Well my hair is done, finally. my shit was really nappy over the last week.
I decided  to put it straight. Part down the middle.
i hate it. my forehead is too damn big lol
it was also my day off. didnt do shit but eat lol

April 18, 2010


I decided to make a new one.
ask me anything.

Michael Kors.

ready for the summer.
bought these from Macys :)
only 50 bucks.
he's one of my favorite designers.

April 14, 2010

what i do when im bored...

take pictures of course :)

latest pickup.

im always buying something just never takes pics anymore.
latest sneaker pick up. GS Spizikes.


I went to birthday dinner for a friend that i have been knowing since elementary school. i finally was able to wear my studded blazer. i had a REALLY nice night.


April 4, 2010

besties all day, ER'DAY!

me & lauren got up around 8am on the phone talking lol then decided to go anywhere. just not be at home. so we got up and went to eat @ lupe tortilla. GREAT food. we both had nachos. then we went to see Why Did I Get Married Too, which was freaking awesome. I loved it. We started craving ice cream so we went to Zios just for desert lol. then we went to the mall and picked up some new MAC lipstick.