January 31, 2011


new shoes man!

this is exactly how i feel.

btw, i have a interview at a bank tmrw! whooooooo!

Saturday night.

my bestie was sick of the short hair now she's back to weave lol i went without weave for like 6 months. i couldnt do it anymore...
here's a another pic of my boots.

My weekend.

Over the weekend i picked up a few things. i didnt take pictures of everything. Everything is from Urban Outfitters.
this book is for my & my boyfriend to fill out together.
new boots which i love! got them on sale for $40
Sex checks :-) - kinky - lol

i also bought myself a Owl bank. Bought my lil sister clothes for her birthday. She turned 15. Bought my mom some clothes just because & got one of my brothers the IIIs he's been bugging for them so i got em.

January 26, 2011


Not just one thing. All things. Job. Hair. Car. MindSet. My relationship. All for the future. The better. I know its looking really bright. Im truly focused this year. God is on my side & always will be.



One of my favorite brands IS obey. Check the hat.

i think im gonna go ahead and cop this too.

Brittani's 21st

The day went kinda of rough for her but we ended up having a good time after all. Never going to Grand Lux ever again. They SUCK! The dinner ended up being at the Remington in the St. Regis Hotel.
The cake was beautiful & good!
Me & the birthday girl. i dont know what designer dress that is but her shoes are Jeffrey Campbell .
My outfit is forever21 blazer x metropark shirt x levis x michael kors

Gifts! Gucci!
Have fun in Vegas Brit! Enjoy it. 
i was happy to be apart of this celebration.

January 21, 2011

No title.

to my haters, fuck you. i show no emotion.

January 13, 2011


Today was cold as hell so  i dressed comfortable to go visit my bestie.. she got her wisdom teeth pulled yesterday. So i went to go see how she was doing.

beanie from metropark, tee from forever 21, levi jeans, boots from forever 21

Whats Your Addiction?

I honestly can say i have a problem. No denial. I buy shit for no reason. I dont go out so what's the point of buying new clothes/shoes? Just because it makes me feel good. And i also blame the location of my job. The fucking mall. Smh. When will i ever learn

January 11, 2011

Shoes for sale.

Cool Grey Spizikes for sale sz7Y 7/10 BIN 60. 70 w/shipping.

Nomi Boots size 9 in womens i just dont wear these anymore. i have wore these maybe 4 times.
BIN: 30; $35 w/ shipping.
they are easy to put on as well. see the zippers.

He's Authentic

They like who dat? 
This young guy right here, only 19 years old. I couldn't believe it when i found out myself. And he's the groupies already lol so he's going somewhere because when you have women as fans and you are a rapper you are doing some great. I met Mr. Leonis through #bush! @iamSF2. 

the boy has skills. No lie.

I support good music

 Due to twitter & facebook i have met new people. Guys for one. I love music and i support all my fellow houston artists.

yes, go ahead and follow him
He's fun and entertaining.
club bangers for sure.
This young man is gonna be in your city soon. Look out for him.

January 9, 2011

Random photoshoot

This was right out my moms house. 
forever 21 x levis x target

target x forever21

Happy Birthday Landen.

Saturday was my nephew 1st party birthday. He got alot of gifts and alot of people came out. He was showing out and sleeping at his own party. Smh lol