February 8, 2010

late at night when all the world is sleeping, i'd stay up & think of you.

My grandfather passed last night after being on this earth for 59 years. I quit one of my jobs about 2 weeks ago to stay watch after him everyday after school. Friday i got my hair cut, i went & saw him. Didn't think that would be my last time seeing him. I worked all day Saturday and Sunday. Got the call from my cousin, Tim, around 11:01pm. "paw paw died" :( i rushed to the hospital to see him. -sighs- i can't believe this. He was a great man, seemed like he knew everything. Truly missed.

 Here's a video of my paw paw dancing at the Kemah Boardwalk.

Original Video - More videos at TinyPic



  1. aw his dancing was so cute! my granddaddy died when i was 5 and i felt like my world collapsed. but one thing i know is grandpas make the best guardian angels. it seems like they keep an extra close eye on their granddaughters. keep your head up!

  2. awww, RIP, im sooo sorry
    i cant say i know what yur going thru
    cuz my grandfather hvnet passes, buh i can jus imgaine, god blesss

    can you mayb check out my blog
    (still kinda new)