June 23, 2010

part 2.


The day started off bad. I spent the night at my mom's house and someone stole $out my purse. Idk who or how it happened. I know i didn't replace it. That money was for my car that i owed my dad. 
sleep.gif Still don't what happened. I just took a lose. My mom was really pissed because this has happened before. So whoever it is, my mom is gonna kick them out because she didn't raise no thieves. 

Then i asked Reggie because he went in my purse and took my car keys without asking me. and he got mad and took all his stuff and was about to leave. So i got pissed off. So i took him home and we were arguing the entire time. We kinda made up but i was still kinda mad.

i met up with lauren and we went to Ruby Tequila's.... for food and drinks. today was her 21st birthday. I had pineapple and she had strawberry.

We were kinda wasted lol. i paid. a quick $50. Then we went to the mall. i bought some ripped jeans from American Eagle. $32! and a top from Arden B. $5! what a steal lol

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