January 27, 2010

Pushing a Pink Ferrari..

Well not really lmaooo... but speaking of cars, i am looking at buying a new one.
Either this 2007 Satura Aura. but i want white.

or this pontiac G6.

these are decent cars in my perspective & good prices.
for the aura, they want 9500 and the G6 8000.
Which im gonna have my dad come with me, to talk them down.
I wanna put down at least 3000-3500.


  1. I like the Aura, seems like you buy a new car every year lol

  2. I like the Aura as well :) I have a Saturn and it's pretty much low maintenance and I haven't had any problems so this may be a good model as well. The G6 is pretty dope too :) Can't wait to see which you decide to go with!

  3. Damn both them cars are fresh to death.