November 6, 2009

forever 21.

So, im going to a party tmrw & need a cute fit to wear.
i tried these on but can't decide.

now this i LOVEEEEEE.

i love the sequin on the shirt. i would wear it with tights maybe.
i had a skirt on but its ugly like that.

ehhh, idk.

I liked this alot but my thighs are too thick.
it was squeezing me so tight it made the dress more poofy lol.

Now i ended buying a totally different dress. Its all purple, its neat. Also 2 pairs of earrings.


  1. Number 4 is definately cute.
    I just ordered it a couple days ago.

  2. i like 1 & 4, but its too late now :/ lol

  3. You look fab in all of these dresses, but I really like the last one! HOT!

    I'm following you, hope you stop by and follow me, too!