October 26, 2009

late sunday dinner.

102509. 1:58am

Today was pretty good day. Woke up this morning and went to church. I was late because i went to the gas station to fill up and it took like 10 mins just to put $25 in my car. I was so irritated. The message at church was so good. "Name it & Claim It". I sowed a seed also.

Later around 3:30 i met my dad and lil brother, Ellison at one of my fave restaurants, Rockfish. It was a late birthday dinner. They got me a small cake & the people thought he said "Bree" so they had to scrap the "B" for a "P".

Too funny.

and yours truly.

I talked to Reggo tonight for like 3 hours. I swear he is my soul mate. I love him so much. Yes, & most entries i will say that. Can't wait to see him soon.
Reminder of him.

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  1. the cake is cuteee! (regardless of the mistake lol)